...............FROM TORONTO


A suite of then instrumental electronic tracks meant to be enjoyed side by side. Each piece is connected to the whole and offers a new variation on the central melodic theme. The segments are compact and contain almost no repetition, averaging two minutes in length. The mood varies throughout the recording, ranging from somber to uplifting and humorous.

First drafted on paper, then fleshed out using pawn shop synthesizers, antique drum machines and one very expensive guitar. 


Schoenberg and George Benson walk into a bar where Aphex Twin is DJ’ing. In the back, Herbie Hancock is telling Joe Zawinul a buddhist joke. Pierre Boulez comes out of the kitchen holding a long C++ printout and looking furious and everybody goes quiet.



A set of pieces loosely based on the writings of Joseph Campbell and recorded in Berlin with very special guest Sebastian Studnitzky on trumpet and piano and long time collaborators Jordan O'Connor on bass and Michel DeQuevedo  on percussion. Engienered by the one and only Marco Birkner.